K2K2K2…Commuter Salon & Speakeasy (2019)

Performative intervention as part of ‘Gathering for Rehearsing Hospitalities’, 9–14 September Helsinki. Commissioned by Frame Contemporary Art Finland. Curators: Jussi Koitela and Yvonne Billimore.

What happens when strangers take on the role of host? K2K2K2...Commuter Salon & Speakeasy was devised as a performative intervention that occured in the interim spaces of Frame's Autumn gathering. Having only met briefly once before, Irina and I agreed to collaborate as city guides. As an experiment in conviviality, we offered palm readings, (rapid) manicures and hand massages to Frame's guests and patrons on the commute between the various venues of the programme. We produced a small-run riso-printed 'zine to encourage others to develop their skills and techniques. Engaging in physical contact, encouraging intimacy and care we attempted to make temporary spaces on trains and boats for co-learning, conversation and sharing experiences, as an alternative and critique of intellectual posturing and point-scoring.

Images: Ida Enegren / Frame Contemporary Art Finland, 2019.