Interference is a series audio / visual of works that focussed on the manipulation of time, rather than that of the visible or audible surface. The emphasis was to utilise the peculiarities of digital video, in particular the glitch, the strobe and the minute rupturing of time.

Hypertension_01 contains ideas of re–imagined urbanism, sublimated geography and dérive. It explores the visual qualities of space, colour, form and line evolved over time. The resulting audio is a bi–product of the visual processes.

Seismic documents a protest by the Falun Dafa in Melbourne, Australia. Achieved solely by the manipulation of time, the piece embodies the protesters' simple gestures, amplifying their possible ramifications.
For Composition_RGB_2 & 3, segments of video feedback were meticulously spliced and re–edited, in order to investigate the value of image when comprehending sound and visa versa. These works utilise the stereo qualities of video playback, particularly the partial beatings that occur when spatialised sounds interact.
In Landslide skyscrapers and refracted light lose their stabilty and become liquid, reminiscent of the Situationist phrase, "Beneath the concrete lies the ocean".
The Bedroom a flourescent light flickers in sync to a soundtrack of construction sounds. External forces transgress domestic boundaries.

Anaesthesia addresses the Pacific Solution, implemented by the Howard Liberal government in Australia, 2001. Contained within the space of a television monitor, voices from another dimension struggle with an alarming tone, evoking a sense of dislocation and desperation.

Using documentary footage from the the notorious Woomera detention centre in South Australia, it carries ideas of media subjectivity, physical and mental borders, and the political climate of intolerance and xenophobia.